About the Speakers

Matt Lohmeier

Matt served as a Lieutenant Colonel Space Force Commander and was removed from his command in 2021 after publishing and speaking about his book Irresistible Revolution, which alleges that Marxist ideology is undermining US military culture and readiness. Since his separation from the military, Matt has traveled the country sharing his experience in an effort to warn the American public of the dangerous politicization of the military work environment in hopes of generating the necessary energy to change the trend. Matt was a convert to the Mormon Church at age 14 and served a mission in Taiwan.  He attended the US Air Force Academy, flew F15s, and later commanded our nation's space-based missile warning mission.  He married Sara McConkie Lohmeier and they have two children. Both Matt and Sara have been active participants in the Restoration movement for many years and were excommunicated from the Mormon Church in July 2015 after their stake president learned of their re-baptism and that they were actively reading Denver Snuffer's books.

Denver Snuffer

Denver converted to Mormonism in 1973 and has written a staggering number of books that expound scripture and explain Mormon history, while working as a practicing attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah.  In spite of not containing any information that was factually inaccurate, the publishing of “Passing the Heavenly Gift” in 2011 became problematic for the leadership of the church as the book delineated the changes the church had undergone as doctrines were added and then ultimately abandoned.   Due to the publishing of the book and a series of 10 talks planned for the Mormon corridor of the Western United states in 2013-2014, Denver was excommunicated from the LDS church on the 40th anniversary of his baptism.  Since that time, Denver has been a part of a movement desiring to preserve and complete the restoration begun by Joseph Smith.  He has been called many things by people inside and outside of this Mormon renaissance movement, but what he calls himself, is likely the best description…a teacher.  

Vernon Horning

Vernon is a former LDS Bishop, accomplished artist and husband and father.  He has counseled many individuals over the years as they have struggled to reconcile their faith with Church policies that contradict scripture or personal beliefs. Through these experiences and his own seeking of the Lord’s will, he is able to share insights for how to recognize servants sent by God and develop a heart willing to follow what the Lord commands and reveals as we prepare for His return.  Vernon will also share with us the last vision of Joseph Smith which is largely unknown to mainstream Mormonism and what it means for us in our day.      

Whitney Horning
 Whitney describes herself as a member of the LDS church and a believing Mormon. Over the years she had been bothered by the contradiction between Joseph Smith publicly denouncing polygamy and then secretly practicing it.  She could not deny that the source of the Book of Mormon was God, yet felt, in the marrow of her bones that the form of polygamy which the LDS church claims Joseph taught and practiced was and is wrong in the sight of God.  She labored to find and compare historical data to God’s word and compiled her findings in her book, “Joseph Smith Revealed: A Faithful Telling-Exploring an Alternative Polygamy Narrative.” A labor of love, all proceeds of her book are donated to charity, and she will be joining us to share what she discovered in her search to understand what Joseph had taught and what it means for us today.