Young Adults

The Remnant Young Adults fellowship is hosting the following activities for young adults, ages 18-33,  to come together and fellowship during this conference:

Friday 3/25 at 8:00pm

Game Night

Location: Bunkhouse Entrance Building 

Saturday 3/26 at 8:30am

Group Hike at Fort Boonesborough State Park Trail

Location: Meet at Main Meeting Hall Entrance for carpooling

Sunday 3/27 at 7:45pm

Bonfire Social

Location: Fire Pit Outside of Chapel/Bunkhouses

We regularly fellowship together through zoom, as many of us are geographically spread out. Our group would love to meet new faces and invite anyone interested to join in on our weekly online meetings: 

Thursday Meetings

We meet every Thursday at 8pm CST for scripture study. Our group is currently reading through and discussing the entire canon of Restoration Edition scriptures in chronological order.

Sunday Meetings

We meet every Sunday at 8pm CST for sacrament, fellowship and study. We are currently discussing the Lectures on Faith by Joseph Smith.